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请问大家知道星期六的补课叫dream 什么的 忘记了 就是政府...

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- 请问大家知道星期六的补课叫dream 什么的 忘记了 就是政府免费给7年级孩子的补课开始了吗?网上
- 听讲好象取消了
- 星期六那个shsat dream program 5/2 已经开始了。 在google classroom 上课。他们打电话给我。原后给我一个email address。You have to email them w your kids name & id#.
- First you have to contact: [email protected] Make sure to tell them the kids full name and osis#. Then they’ll give you instructions on how to set up a special email address and join their google classroom.

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